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Support Individuals To

Eat And Drink

Eating and drinking properly is fundamentally important to all of us, and that can be a challenge for some of our clients.


We understand that many are concerned about how well their partners, parents or grandparents are eating and drinking. Every person is different, for some it is simply a question of lacking motivation to eat properly, perhaps in part because they live by themselves. For others there might be a physical or mental challenge that makes it more difficult to feed themselves.

Many of our clients are able to manage their own meal planning and shopping, for others we can provide support.

When meeting a new client we focus on understanding their preferences for eating and drinking and include that in a personalised care plan.

Watch our carer Alex talk about supporting eating and drinking:

Making it an enjoyable experience

Many of us prefer to share a mealtime and for that reason our carers often bring their own lunch to eat while a client is having their’s, making it a more enjoyable and convivial experience.

We might take a client on a shopping trip on the same day each week, going to the supermarket, followed by lunch at their favourite pub, or coffee and cake at a cafe.

We often prepare meals for our clients, some of whom enjoy sharing in the preparation, such as doing the vegetables.

Client choices for eating and drinking

We all have our own tastes and preferences and we are here to support our clients so that they are eating and drinking as they would wish.

Some clients subscribe to high-quality meal services that are delivered to their homes, such as Wiltshire Farm Foods, Oakhouse Foods, Parsley Box and Cook which simply require heating.

Others like to have their meals cooked from scratch. Many of our carers are great cooks!