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Elderly Errand Service

Many of our clients are less mobile than they would wish to be and need support with errands and appointments and getting out and about.


We often accompany our clients on errands and appointments such as, visits to the GP, the hospital, the dentist, their optician, the physiotherapist and so forth. We take some of our clients to clubs and meetings, others like to go to a dementia café every week.

With our elderly errand service we might also take clients on shopping trips, to the launderette and other errands and appointments, or go on their behalf, whatever suits them best.

It is extremely important that people don’t feel confined to their homes and we can help to fix that.

All of our carers are insured to take our clients out in their cars.

Some examples…

When visiting a GP or a hospital consultant it might be that a client wishes us to accompany them into the consultation itself, in order for us to help them explain how they are and to help them to remember what was discussed. Our elderly errand service can provide that level of support and companionship.

One of our clients needed a weekly infusion which entailed a 24-hour overnight hospital stay. We drove her to hospital each Thursday morning and came back the next morning to bring her home, dropping in on the supermarket on the way back and making some lunch when we got home. That client recovered very well, no longer needing her regular hospital visits.

Another of our clients likes to go to a supermarket each Tuesday and some occasional shopping for clothes or other bits and pieces, followed by lunch at his favourite pub.

Whatever the reason we are there to support you out and about.