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Personal Care Services

We provide personal care services, including help with washing, bathing, showering, dressing, personal grooming and using the toilet.


When personal hygiene and grooming become a struggle many people rely on their spouses to help them, but over time this care and support can become tiring and a physical challenge for the spouse. It can also be difficult to accept help from a loved one with more intimate care. This is where home care services can step in. Personal care services should be carefully designed for each individual, with trained carers following the client’s preferred routine.

The Home Team is focused on understanding every detail in order to provide genuinely personalised care.

Watch our carer Alex talking about our personal care services, below:

Person-centred Personal Care Services

Personal care services might include having a wash in the morning, taking a shower, having a bath, shaving and personal grooming, it might include help with using the toilet. Personal care is by its very nature personal and because of this, we listen carefully to how each client likes to be supported, maintaining their independence as much as possible. Our team of home care professionals are trained to support our clients in a way that is person-centred, safe, gentle, kind, respectful, dignified and discrete.

For some clients we are there just to give reassurance when they are having a shower, in case they feel a little unsteady on a wet and slippery surface. For others we might be there to help dry a client’s feet and apply some cream or powder, because they find it difficult to bend and reach their own feet.

Fuller Personal Care Services

For clients who have more restricted mobility we can assist them to get to the bathroom, perhaps using mobility aids. We can help those clients get undressed, washed, dried and dressed and ready for the day. All of our carers are trained in moving and assisting, using mobility aids. A client might have an electric profiling bed, also known as a hospital bed, to help them get in and out of bed and to sleep in a comfortable position. They might also require help with transferring from their bed using other aids such as an electronic hoist or stand-aid.

A client might need support during the day to use the toilet or a commode. Again, we are very used to helping our clients use the toilet in a way that is respectful and discrete. We are professionals in personal care services and are there to help our clients feel comfortable, fresh and happy.

Other clients will be able to manage with just a reassuring hand from a carer. Whatever their requirements we are there to ensure a client can mobilise as safely and independently as possible in their own home.

We understand that receiving personal care services could feel difficult or even embarrassing, but our team are professionals and for them, it is not only a very important part of their role, it is completely normal.